About Us

Firm Overview

At Shanholt Glassman Klein Kramer & Co. we have been serving businesses in the area since 1931, building a reputation that is founded on: 

Why should our reputation matter to you?

The answer is simple: Because we have been around for more than 90 years, we have had the time to gain experience regarding best practices for our clients and our staff. Our reputation confirms our promise and at the same time demonstrates that we have skilled professional teams that are committed to delivering the highest quality of service. Our clients benefit from, and rely on, our history of service to the business community - which is comprised of industry knowledge, a proactive attitude, critical resources, quality service, and business acumen.

How can we apply what we know to give you a competitive edge? 

Each client service team is comprised of partners and staff from our accounting, tax, and consulting practice groups. This enables us to leverage a combination of years of experience and insights, some gained while at regional, national, and even international firms, to help clients become and remain successful and profitable.

This is different from the typical scenario that compartmentalizes each service, separating the professionals into “audit” and “tax” departments, making it difficult and cumbersome for them to interact with each other. Instead, our clients benefit from a seamless, holistic approach, gaining insights from various perspectives provided by a group of professionals who are intimately familiar with their industry and their situation. With very low turnover and a dedicated team assigned to each engagement, our clients enjoy the efficiency and added value that only comes with a combination of consistency and talent.  

The lessons we have learned over the decades provide advantages for your situation.

Since the beginning, we have learned to stay the course, to focus on our competencies, and to offer solutions that help clients enhance shareholder value. At the same time, we have carefully managed our own growth to ensure that we are able to offer our clients this guarantee:  "We will not compromise on quality as we apply our industry expertise, our technical training, and above all, our responsive, hands-on philosophy to bring each client the technical advice, business guidance and breadth of industry resources they require.”

Our Unique Niche Expertise 

At Shanholt Glassman Klein Kramer & Co. we are one of the premier firms serving the real estate community, melding together the talents and substantial industry experience common to large firms with the culture, personal touch, and consistency of a local firm.  Since 1931 we have been well regarded by business owners, lenders, users of financial statements, attorneys and others in the real estate community who respect our firm and its reputation for excellence. They rely on the financial statements that we have provided an audit opinion on and trust the tax returns that we have prepared, and frequently turn to us for assistance when they, or their clients, face complicated issues.

We are different from other firms serving the real estate marketplace.

We recognize that only a firm that is prepared to become immersed in an industry can be a recognized leader in the sector.  This takes hard work, considerable dedication, focus and commitment, but the results are worth the extra effort.

Our track record instills confidence.

With more than 80% of our clients engaged in real estate and related sectors, we have developed a depth of understanding, a familiarity with the niche, and an array of services that is unparalleled in local and regional firms. Unlike other CPAs who limit their role to participating at the end process, at Shanholt Glassman Klein Kramer & Co. we set ourselves apart by being involved with our clients’ real estate transactions from the very earliest stages.

Peer Review

Our peer review was conducted in accordance with the Peer Review Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Please click here to see details of the review.