Our Firm and Culture

At Shanholt Glassman Klein Kramer & Co. our culture nurtures our employees’ professional growth by providing engaging, interesting projects; encouraging them to be their best; and rewarding them for giving 100% effort to each and every client.

Our culture directly impacts your experience with our firm.

The firm was founded in 1931 on the belief that when employees are treated exceptionally well, they will, in turn, deliver world class client service. By valuing our employees, we have fostered a loyal team that ultimately leads to very satisfied, loyal clients.   

Our culture supports good communication between partners and staff, which is facilitated by the partners’ open-door policy and regular staff meetings that encourage an open and honest two-way dialogue. These meetings advance the cooperation and collaboration that lead to successful teamwork at SGKK.  

Our partners are all accessible and employees enjoy our congenial, yet professional, work environment. In fact, we are well known for our ability to carefully blend a “business-like” atmosphere with a “family" atmosphere, celebrating life’s joys and consoling each other over life’s challenges, while never losing focus on our role as our clients’ trusted advisors. As a result we have an extraordinary number of alumni who continue to remain in contact with us, despite their having moved on, because of the strong friendships they built while with us.

We also know that inherent in every great culture is the assurance of work-life balance.  With that in mind, we host a holiday season dinner, a fun summer event at interesting venues (including everything from a day in Central Park, to a guided tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to bowling, theater and Yankee games), and after-tax season celebrations in April and in October to show our appreciation for the hard work and long hours.       

You should consider the influence of our attitude on your company. With loyal, motivated employees we are able to consistently give our clients the respect and personal attention they deserve, delivered by professionals who know them well. It is because our employees adhere to our high standards that we can provide the finest client service.